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Virtual coffee: creating and using collaborative data

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11th November 2021

NOTE: This event has now passed.

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Put the kettle on and join CENSIS for this informal networking and information session to connect with companies, researchers and stakeholders working in IoT.

In this session, CENSIS’s Jim Cockram wants to talk about creating, using and getting clever with, shared IoT systems and collaborative data, particularly when it comes to achieving shared goals.

Businesses and organisations who integrate IoT technology into their operations do so in order to gain information about their own operations, and then to take action to improve them. The more ‘intelligence’ that can be built into business models, the more operational efficiencies can be created, or customer service experiences improved.

But do organisations have to install brand new proprietary networks when thinking about using IoT, particularly when other similar sensor networks exist nearby? Could new IoT networks be installed with capital costs – and resulting data – shared between several organisations?

This kind of practice may be of interest to public sector organisations with, e.g., shared environmental objectives, but is it possible for private businesses to do this too? For example, could private transport operators share data to help a city or region develop a better integrated public transport service? Could fleet operators share data to reduce HGV journeys and save both costs and carbon emissions? Could local authorities partner with others to share data across county boundaries and give users free-flowing data?

While there may be opportunities around data sharing, there are also challenges, e.g., conflicts of interest around achieving shared goals and meeting commercial targets, and privacy and ethics issues around sharing the sharing of data.

Come along and talk about challenges, opportunities and best practice in this space.


This chat takes place on Zoom. Please register via Eventbrite. After you register and before the event takes place, we’ll email you with the calendar invite that contains the link to join the Zoom call.