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Call: evaluation of TESTED IoT framework

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20 December 2021
  • Collaborative technology development with CENSIS for NHS Highland 
  • IoT for asset tracking for the NHS
  • Non-clinical applications (indoor and outdoor use)


NHS Highland – the largest land area Health Board in the UK with 32,500km2 – faces various challenges across the remote and rural region in which it provides its services. The Health Board would like to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its asset tracking systems by introducing an integrated IoT-based system which should respond to current challenges:

  • Eliminate the problem of assets being misplaced
  • Improve the route planning of asset transfers
  • Reduce carbon emissions (from creating the above efficiencies)

The new system should enable indoor and outdoor tracking of diverse assets, e.g., from , medical equipment to patient samples.


NHS Highland wants to use IoT to address a wide range of issues facing the Health Board in the management of non-clinical processes. As part of this, NHS Highland is working on a multi-partner project called TESTED.

TESTED focuses on the innovation opportunities offered to healthcare providers and other public bodies by the provision and implementation of IoT infrastructure and strategy. It aims to develop a strategic approach to the use of IoT for non-clinical management of health and care issues.

The aims of TESTED are to: generate a policy and a toolkit for any public body to use; provide documents to support the guidance that will help such organisations and individuals within them; and IoT solutions for asset tracking to solve non-clinical problems

A testbed case

To illustrate how this can all work, this new project is supporting an illustrative testbed case which will use the documents and processes from TESTED IoT framework to help the running of the testbed and support the evaluation.

Project objectives 

  • Test the TESTED IoT framework
  • Develop an IoT-based solution for non-clinical asset tracking in collaboration with CENSIS
  • Test and adapt the proposed solution to NHS Highland with its specific requirements
  • Beyond the testbed – the solution will be tested regarding its scalability and full-system rollout

Benefits for the participating company

  • De-risk tech development (CENSIS will engage in supplying all the necessary R&D works)
  • Engage with NHS Highland: its procedures and standards
  • Open future opportunities for collaboration with healthcare providers
  • Co-develop IoT best practice for non-clinical applications
  • Co-develop scalability framework for healthcare applications
  • Result-dependent, the project can incentivise further procurement efforts from NHS Highland

Further requirements of the new system

  • Be dashboard / reporting based
  • Provide a map base for real time visualisation
  • Provide rapid alerts for transporter, and receiving department, to ensure immediate knowledge of location of samples, equipment or other items
  • Be accessible through a secure password system (cybersecurity as a priority)
  • Be able to respond to requirements in relation to temperature, humidity, maintenance compliance, or other function
  • Be compliant with NHS requirements (IG compliant, environmentally sustainable)
  • Be compliant with infection control requirements

CENSIS is aware that the potential suppliers may not initially meet all requirements.

CENSIS will support the development of the missing functions.

Selection criteria

  • Previous relevant experience in assets tracking
  • The scope of NHS Highland requirements listed above that are covered by a proposed solution
  • Compliance with cybersecurity standards
  • Delivery / Timescales proposed
  • Price

The final decision on the supplier will be made by NHS Highland.

Project timeline

Start in February 2022 / duration – 6 months

Important – The IoT toolkit developed by the TESTED project shall be tested in the first month of the project

 It is expected that there will be four scheduled meetings. This includes an initial meeting with partner managers during which the selected supplier and NHS Highland will meet to scope out and discuss final specifications and expectations.

Support available

  • Up to 20 days of support with CENSIS: evaluation of the TESTED IoT framework and technology development
  • Reimbursement for reasonable material costs to the company following the agreement of the pilot project with NHS Highland and CENSIS

Register Your Interest

Send the application form to and

Closing date for applications – 17:00, 17 January 2022

Pre-selected companies will be invited to an interview (online) with NHS Highland and CENSIS. The selection process is led by NHS Highland.