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New virtual coffees: Feb-June 2022 (IoT roadmap)

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24 January 2022

Over 700 people have joined us for one of our virtual coffee chats since we launched them back in March 2020.

If you haven’t joined us yet, virtual coffees are hour-long conversations on IoT-related topics. We don’t record them and there’s no sales pitch; it’s just an opportunity to share your thoughts with CENSIS business development and engineering staff, ask questions, and network with others.

Based on your feedback, our next round of virtual coffees forms part of a series around an ‘IoT roadmap’ and will look at what’s involved in getting an IoT product to market – from creating a business plan to deploying devices.

Beginning in February and running through to June, we’ll have five new sessions for you. While the sessions form part of a series, they also stand on their own so you can register for as many as you like.

If you are interested the subject, you are welcome to join us – you don’t need to have a an active IoT project, or even be planning one.