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Aquabot: real-time water quality analysis

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Aquabot: real-time water quality analysis

CENSIS and City of Glasgow College are collaborating to help Scottish start-up Altitude Thinking – founded by entrepreneurial student Dale Colley – develop a second generation of the company’s ‘Aquabot’, a remotely operated mobile device used on the surface of rivers, canals or lochs to monitor the quality of the water.

This is the first project CENSIS has undertaken in partnership with a further education college.

The first Aquabot prototype was designed by Dale with support from City of Glasgow College. Now with the help of engineering experts at CENSIS and the continued support of the college, a second generation device will be developed. This will eventually serve as a full demonstrator model for the company with the aim of attracting commercial interest.

Enhancements delivered by CENSIS during this project are set to include:

  • A larger and sturdier body suitable for rougher water and with fully autonomous autopilot
  • Improved sensor set that includes high grade, lab-quality sensors to allow further upgrades and replacements, and a wide range of parameters to enable more detailed and situation specific monitoring
  • Improved communication and IoT connectivity (over LoRaWAN), transferring sensor data directly to a cloud based platform for user and clients to access in real-time
  • Improved data visualisation and reporting functions.

Read the City of Glasgow College release when this project was announced.

Read the news story on the project outcomes.


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