IoTUK Boost 2016


Organised by CENSIS
The Data Lab and Informatics Ventures

Start date:

February 2015


2 day workshop and 1 month incubation support

Project abstract

After a competitive bidding process, CENSIS was selected as one of four regional partners for the IoTUK Boost initiative, along with DataCity – Leeds, Cambridge Wireless Ltd. and Sunderland Software City.  IoTUK is designed to amplify the UK’s Internet of Things (IoT) capability and opportunities.  The IoTUK Boost programme aims to support IoT innovation and adoption across business and the public sector and will see a collaboration between the selected local partners and the Digital Catapult and the Future Cities Catapults.

“The Internet of Things has the potential to transform businesses and public sector organisations across the UK, as well as drive economic growth and social change. No individual, company or government can do this alone; it can only be achieved through collaboration and bringing together innovators with challenge owners, and it has to especially be achieved at the local level, leveraging the wealth and diversity of talent across the UK. The IoTUK Boost programme will do just this, a coordinated acceleration programme in the IoT across regions to grow new business opportunities in IoT in, and for, the UK,” said Maurizio Pilu, Executive Director for Collaborative R&D, Digital Catapult.

During the competition, 18 companies were selected to attend an intensive two-day workshop in Glasgow on 17th and 18th February 2016. From these businesses, five were selected by a panel of judges for one-month of incubation support and mentoring to help them in the first stages of bringing a commercial idea to market.

The companies will be supported with a programme of activity and access to expertise from CENSIS, The Data Lab, Informatics Ventures and IoTUK, with a focus on cultivating valuable links with other organisations and developing a robust and fundable idea for a product or service.

Read the IoTUK Glasgow press release

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The IoTUK Boost Glasgow Winners

IOT_119Our two-day IoTUK Boost workshop (17-18 February) in Glasgow saw 18 of Scotland’s most innovative SMEs go head-to-head in front of a panel of judges to win one month of incubation support and mentoring aimed at helping the companies bring their commercial ideas to market.

The event was organised by CENSIS, in collaboration with The Data Lab and Informatics Ventures for IoTUK and there was a great atmosphere over the two days. We’ve had excellent feedback from our delegate companies who enjoyed the opportunity to network with us, with each other and with invited guests during the workshop and over dinner.

At the end of the two days, five companies were selected for a month’s worth of support from IoTUK, CENSIS, The Data Lab and Informatics Ventures. The winners are listed below, and you can also catch up on photos from the day on Flickr. As well as a month of intensive support, all of the winners will attend the Cambridge IoT Forum in March.

You can also follow our activity from the day on Twitter @CENSIS121 and #CENSISnow

Watch our IoTUK VIDEO featuring interviews with delegates. 

The IoTUK Boost WINNERS are: 

Sansible Wearables_Ones to Watch lrSansible Wearables

Also awarded ‘One to Watch’ award by IoTUK
Congratulations to Jack Ng and Charlie Patterson
Sansible develops wearable technology products that provide the ability to “feel” and connect this personal experience of the force to your smart phones and tablets. Athletes, sport coaches and physiotherapists can use this data to tailor the training or rehabilitation schedules for the individuals. Our first markets are rugby and American football, where force is the most dominant factor of the game play and customers can benefit from the high details of the biomechanics data Sansible’s products provide.Sansible Wearables also won the ‘One to Watch’ award and have the opportunity to pitch at the Cambridge IoT Forum in March.
Read the Sansible Wearables article in The Scotsman

FUELlink Systems

Fuellink Systems_Winners copyCongratulations to John Ashley and Graeme Turner
FUELlink Systems are an online fuel management company based in Bellshill. We manufacture, supply and service equipment for vehicle refuelling throughout the UK and Ireland. Our project is for a vehicle based telemetry system with roadside data collection points that will obtain vehicle data and provide operators and users with relevant information. This is to ensure smooth and efficient running within optimal parameters for users and operators.
Nov 16 update:  FUELlink Systems have now launched their  product VINIE at the Euro Bus Expo 2016.  VINIE offers automatic vehicle identification, odometer transfer and fuel tank level through Blue tooth technology.
Read the FUELlink article in The Herald

OBrand Communications

OBrand_WinnersCongratulations to Gatis Gaumigs and Rafal Ciesielczuk
OBrand Communications is a high tech start-up founded on innovative wireless connectivity within the advertising industry. The company aims to distinguish itself as a brand for lifestyle activities and as providers for an information rich mobile environment. Our target business audience can be described as social venues such as coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Since our services are being founded on location aware technology, we would provide benefits to both the clients and end users.
Read the OBrand article in The Herald

Rapport Network CIC

Rapport_winnersCongratulations to Gary Cornelius and Alasdair Thin
Rapport Network CIC can make a massive improvement in the way that people with early stage dementia can continue to live confidently and securely in their own home by providing assistive living technology. This technology also connects people with their own family, friends and carers in a secure and reliable way. We help people capture, self-assess and share their needs, we help match people with assistive technology and use it to reduce upsetting and/or dangerous events.
Rapport press release

The WindOP

TheWindOp_winnersCongratulations to Andy Maginnis was born from the experiences of three kitesurfers in Scotland who wanted to know in real time the actual conditions from the end of their local beach. The data available at the time was either very late in being displayed, very poor resolution or inaccurate due to the weather stations being located some distance away from the beach. So they set out to build a autonomous solar powered system that could be placed virtually anywhere with cell reception and send data back near real time.
Read The WindOP article in The Scotsman

Here is a selection of feedback from delegates:

“Genuinely the last two days were the most useful I have had in the last six months.”

“Congratulations on a a fabulous IOTBoost event.  It was intense… they say.   A job well done – please pass on my thanks to the rest of your team.”

“Really enjoyed the networking, the sessions and yes, even the pitching.  It certainly generated a great ‘community’ and supportive atmosphere and from my side, it was great to catch up with some familiar faces, meet new ones and make some really useful connections.“

I wanted to say that this particular format is by far the best, in my opinion. I think the areas the speakers covered, and the Innovation centers being present, it adds good value to starting SMEs. Thanks for giving as the opportunity to be part of it.”

Thanks to all our delegates, speakers and invited guests. For a copy of the agenda and details of all participants, our IoTUK Boost brochure is online.   See more photos on Flickr.

IoTUK Boost Winners Glasgow 2016 lr

The 5 winning companies with Paul Egan (IoT UK) on left and Mark Begbie (CENSIS) on right

The delegates from 18 selected companies attending

The delegates from 18 selected companies

The winners selfie

The winners selfie

IoTUK Boost organisers L-R: Paul Egan (IoTUK), Jude McCorry (The Data Lab), Mark Begbie (CENSIS), Ian Reid (CENSIS), Alan Settery (Informatics Ventures)

IoTUK Boost organisers L-R: Paul Egan (IoTUK), Jude McCorry (The Data Lab), Mark Begbie (CENSIS), Ian Reid (CENSIS), Alan Settery (Informatics Ventures)

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