Live 3D Intracellular Imaging Platform using Raman Spectroscopy-Hydrogel Technologies


Biogelx Limited and the University of Strathclyde

Start date:

March 2016


Until August 2016

Project abstract

The collaboration of Biogelx Limited and the Centre for Nanometrology at the University of Strathclyde will develop a bio-imaging platform which can perform accurate, live, intracellular analysis in 3D. Such a platform will be achieved through merging the University of Strathclyde’s Raman spectroscopy analysis capability with Biogelx’s hydrogel technology.

This project addresses a need within various cell markets. Cell biologists have identified the need for an in vivo-like scaffold (gel) for bench-top research. Despite advances in such technologies, imaging techniques used are still designed for the purpose of 2D culture techniques. There is therefore a need for an imaging tool that can address the ability to monitor cells in 3D, in order to exploit the full potential of 3D in vitro cell applications.

The most prominent market segment where live intracellular imaging is key is stem cell research, which will impact areas such as tissue engineering and cell therapy.

With a focus on monitoring stem cell, this platform will address the need for both improved cell-imaging capabilities, whilst ensuring in vivo-like models are designed using sophisticated hydrogel technology.

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Biogelx and CENSIS took part in the BBC Scotland Good Morning Show on 20th June 2016.

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