LoRa™ network extends to Inverness


Stream Technologies, SPICA Technologies

Start date:

Summer 2016

Project abstract

CENSIS, Stream Technologies and SPICA Technologies have installed 50 LoRa™ connected sensors as part of An Lòchran,
a new £13-million business hub shared 
by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the University of the Highlands and Islands, and Scotland’s Rural University College.

The devices will monitor temperature, humidity, noise, CO2 and light with the aim of delivering greater efficiencies and energy savings in the building and optimise the working environment.

By generating a new innovation flow in the Highlands, LoRa™ will also give businesses access to emerging IoT technologies and can support companies 
in developing new products and services. Additionally, the system shows the art of the possible and acts as a bridgehead for CENSIS support and is part of our future geographical inclusion model.

By 2020, it is estimated that there will be 20Bn connected devices in the world requiring IoT networks. The major growth sector in the IoT solutions market – valued in the trillions of dollars – will be small, autonomous devices servicing new business and information models and covering every area of our lives from smart cities and smart homes (think street lights to refuse collection to home appliances), to precision agriculture and food production, industrial automation, asset tracking and wearable devices.

LoRa™ is an embedded wireless networking standard to support IoT. The technology addresses the demands presented by ever increasing numbers of connected devices by offering long-range connectivity and low power operation, with a low cost that avoids the need for complex installations and supports high volume deployment. This combination will be transformative in enabling IoT connectivity to new types of devices and applications as well as enabling and delivering new business solutions.

CENSIS began a roll out of LoRa™  projects across Scotland in the summer of 2016.

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CENSIS is a member of The LoRa Alliance™ , a non-profit organisation focused on standardising LoRa™  and creating a strong ecosystem to scale the technology

Companies can access the CENSIS IoT Centre to fast track their IoT projects

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