Mobile platform delivering real–time tourism and hospitality updates


OBrand Communications, IoTUK, CENSIS IoT Centre, The Data Lab and Informatics Ventures

Start date:

March 2016


4 weeks

Project abstract

OBrand Communications has developed a community-based social platform, which delivers real-time updates about nearby venues and allows businesses to interact directly with customers through their mobile devices.

OBrand Communications was one of five winners at the Scottish leg of IoTUK Boost, organised by Scottish Funding Council-backed CENSIS, The Data Lab, the University of Edinburgh’s Informatics Ventures and IoTUK. It is now undergoing a one-month period of incubation and mentoring, to refine the company’s business model and make it fully fundable.

Connected via Bluetooth to iBeacon* technology designed at the University of Glasgow, OBrand’s location-based mobile app can detect a registered device, triggering it to send community or venue-specific content, such as a restaurant’s menu, straight to the app user.

The technology also gives businesses the opportunity to capture data and, when paired with the iBeacons, build up a customer demographic profile which can enhance customers’ experience and allow them to engage with larger audiences.

The fledgling entrepreneurs have secured funding from Enterprise Campus to develop the mobile platform and there’s already been significant interest from potential clients in the tourism, hospitality and retail industries; all of which are keen to provide customers with a more personalised service.

Gatis Gaumigs, co-founder of OBrand said: “Our product can offer businesses a specialised marketing platform, which will play a large part in the future of smart connectivity. It will allow businesses to engage directly with the right customers, at the right time and with the right information.

“The technology can be used in a range of ways but will be most effective in providing a unique opportunity for the tourism and hospitality industries, benefitting both the app user and the partnering business. At visitor attractions, such as museums or zoos, OBrand can provide up-to-date information about what you’re viewing directly to your device as you walk around the attraction.”

Rafal Ciesielczuk, co-founder of OBrand, said: “The potential for OBrand is huge. The product allows an unprecedented level of data capture, giving companies the opportunity to gather real-time, fully opted-in information about their customers and tailor their marketing accordingly.

“The iBeacon market is already reaching more than 60 million active beacons worldwide and our technology will only capitalise on this momentum. OBrand’s business model is based on a customisable monthly subscription for companies, with options for analytics to be put in place to monitor its performance.”

Read the OBrand Communications press release

OBrand made use of the CENSIS IoT Centre.  Find out more about the IoT Centre

OBrand was one of 5 winners at the IoTUK Boost competition in February 2016

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