Correction of optical aberrations for improved image quality in Optos scanning laser ophthalmoscopes


University of Glasgow
Optos plc

Start date:

October 2014


Until September 2015

Project abstract

For twenty years, Scottish-based company Optos plc has been developing, manufacturing and selling scanning laser ophthalmoscopes for eye health care that produce world-leading ultra-wide-field images of the retina (200°). With a growing market share in retinal imaging in America, Optos is rapidly expanding its presence globally in both the ophthalmology and general optometry markets.

In retinal care, image quality and high patient throughputs are the major drivers to selling retinal cameras and scanners: Optos scanners capture up to 82% of a patient’s retina in less than a second.

Being able to retain image quality with such a high speed of image capture is extremely technically demanding, and researchers in the company are continually looking to expand their knowledge base to ensure Optos retains its market position as the retinal imaging company with the highest-quality, largest-view of the retina.

This collaborative project sees Optos working with world-leading optics experts Prof Andy Harvey and Prof Miles Padgett of the University of Glasgow whose research will advance the state-of-the-art in ophthalmic imaging, in order to take the company’s optical performance to the next level.

Potential Impact

The project aims to increase Optos’ competitive advantage in a technology-led, rapidly increasing clinical market – the general optometry market is estimated to be worth $18 Bn by 2018, up from $13 Bn in 2012.

By continuing to refine its product offering to global markets, Optos should derive significant business growth from equipment designed and manufactured in Scotland.

To meet expected increases in demand, Optos would hope to employ more skilled labour locally. Moreover, many of the many hundreds of components and modules that already go into making an Optos device are sourced locally, supporting and generating jobs in companies that make up the supply chain.

In working with Optos, the university partner will benefit from the consolidation of a relationship with a leading local company of growing scale. Both parties expect success to lead to significant further collaboration. 

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