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Overview of our 2014 event

NOTE: This event has now passed

Delegates for this event were academic researchers or industrialists in the sensor and imaging systems (SIS) supply chain and those who rely on innovation within their organisations to grow their businesses.

The event intended to maximise knowledge about current applied research and industry R&D, covering new and likely future topics within SIS, and the challenges this presented in terms of technology requirements.

All elements of the sensor systems stack were covered, including sensing and measuring, the physical phenomena used in sensor elements and electronics, networking and communications, data storage, data analysis and visualisation.

Agenda 2014

Opening remarks09.30-09.40
Lower SIS Stack: Presentations from HEIs and industry (incl. Q&A)09.40-10.40
CENSIS Spokes:Presentations from each Interim Spoke ChairMiddle Stack Presentations11.00-12.0012.00-13.00
Introductions from Chair14.00-14.05
Guest Speaker: Graham Philp, Gambica14.05-14.30
Upper Stack: Presentations from HEIs and industry with questions to follow14.30-15.30
Closing remarks15.30-15.40
Networking and drinks reception15.40-17.00