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PhD projects supported by CENSIS 2019-2024

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24 April 2024

Representing the interests of industry for future skills requirements

Between 2019 and 2024, CENSIS funded 10 industrially-relevant PhD projects that supported advancements in sensing, imaging and IoT, with the aim of bringing technology in these spaces closer to market. Our support of PhD programmes sought to grow the pipeline of technology entrepreneurs and innovators, business leaders and researchers needed to ensure Scotland continues to be at the centre of research and innovation.

Each project was led by Scottish university in partnership with industry. Projects had to demonstrate the potential for relevance by the innovative use, advancement or application of sensing, imaging and/or IoT, and involve companies with a base in Scotland or where project outcomes would favourably impact the Scottish economy. Applications were assessed by way of annual calls and no further calls are planned.

Funded projects

  1. Developing a smart Venturi wet-gas meter to foster efficient gas production and digital transformation
    Glasgow Caledonian University in partnership with TUV-SUD National Engineering Laboratory
  2. Real-time detection and management of antimicrobial residues in milk
    University of Strathclyde in partnership with Graham’s Family Dairy
  3. 2D and 3D computational imaging through turbulence
    Heriot -Watt University in partnership with Leonardo
  4. Automatic threat detection and anomaly counteraction in home IoT
    University of Edinburgh in partnership with ARM
  5. Intelligent interaction between edge and cloud for IoT and ambient data processing to enable smart mobility in cities
    University of Glasgow in partnership with BT
  6. Next generation fluorescence imaging ophthalmoscopy for enhanced detection of disease
    University of Glasgow in partnership with Optos
  7. A mechanism for preventing access to adult content
    University of Strathclyde in partnership with Brewdog
  8. Identifying and responding to critical grid situations using new distributed sensing techniques
    University of Strathclyde in partnership with Synaptec
  9. RF system‐on‐chip implementations for flexible 5G radio
    University of Strathclyde in partnership with Xilinx
  10. Glancing angle deposition of ZnO nanostructured thin films for enhanced ultrasonic sensing and imaging applications
    University of the West of Scotland in partnership with Novosound