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IoT for energy efficiency at manufacturing site

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IoT for energy efficiency at manufacturing site

AJ Engineering – a Forres-based steel fabrication and construction services company – has introduced technology to help manage its carbon footprint and improve efficiency across its operations with the introduction of IoT technology.

Securing funding and technical support from CENSIS, the company is on track to realise savings on its annual electricity usage as a result of new smart monitoring systems. The project formed part of the IoT Evolve programme to support SMEs in the region with the development and application of IoT.

A series of connected sensors are now in operation across AJ Engineering’s site, enabling the management team to spot exactly where energy is being used and take steps to reduce consumption in particular processes or buildings. The technology has already highlighted significant savings that can be made by reducing the heating and lighting at parts of the plant that had not previously been identified as large consumers of power.

Compared to standard smart meters, the IoT system provides much more granular detail about specific pieces of equipment and circuits, giving the team better insights to support decision-making and its ambition to achieve net zero. Another benefit will be the cost savings on monthly overheads and fuel bills.

Having access to real-time data about the carbon footprint of its operations will also help AJ Engineering to communicate its green credentials to current customers and win new contracts, where partners may require the figures for their own carbon accounting protocols. According to the latest figures from the Carbon Trust, the average SME in the UK generates around 15 tonnes of CO2 annually, making up 44% of total non-household emissions.

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