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Fast track your Internet of Things idea

4940-censis-023The IoT Centre is a facility within CENSIS to help SMEs overcome many of the challenges they face in product development around the Internet of Things (IoT).

Do you need help to develop your IoT product or service and establish yourself in a fast moving field, but don’t know where to start?  CENSIS can help.

Join the IoT Centre and work with us to take your connected devices idea to market.

Alliance-horiz-member-rgb-TMWe can provide the resources, support and advice you need to create a full solution. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and develop a product that brings real value to your customers.

And you won’t get tied up in red tape – just sign up, drop in and get to work.   You can read about the first company to experience the IoT Centre here.

“The IoT Centre will help more SMEs take an IoT product from concept to prototype in a fraction of the time normally required. SMEs will be able to take advantage of trends and bring more products to market; leading to the development and manufacture of more hi-tech devices in Scotland. Ultimately, we would hope that this creates new jobs and economic value.”

Kevin Power
Software Architect and IoT Development Lead, CENSIS.

Benefits of Joining

  • Complete suite of development devices and software
    From hardware to cloud storage, we partner with world-leading vendors.
  • Hot desk space and dedicated engineering support
    Work alongside a technical team with 50+ years’ combined industry experience.
  • Professional, high spec demonstration area
    Showcase your product or service to potential investors.

Join the IoT Centre at the level that suits you

There are three levels of support, designed to help you whatever stage of business you are at.

All offer you the chance to access our suite of development tools and our engineering expertise.


A quick injection of knowledge and the chance to try a few things out.

  • Suitable for any SME
  • Hot desk space within the IoT Centre for up to two staff
  • Up to 10 engineer-days support from CENSIS over a period of up to one month
  • Cost on application


Find a firm footing, get ready to lead the pack and position yourself to win.

  • Suitable for start-ups and micro companies
  • Hot desk space within the IoT Centre for up to two staff
  • A clearly defined work package over a period of up to six months.
  • Cost on application (low cost IoT Centre membership fee)


This is where the rubber hits the road. Be in the thick of the competition, driving hard to get noticed and gain traction.

  • Suitable for maturing micro companies and diversifying SMEs
  • Hot desk space within the IoT Centre or up to four staff
  • A clearly defined work package over a period of up to 12 months.
  • Cost on application (competitive IoT Centre membership fee)

“The IoT Centre technical team was able to support the rapid prototyping of my product TableFarm and then built a full-spectrum sensor hardware set for our working prototype.”

Jason Morenikeji
The Urban Farming Company

“CENSIS has provided an approachable atmosphere and a high professional standard in which our team could openly discuss our challenges and work on the solutions. Their strength in delivering their expertise in sensor hardwares, wireless networking and software architecture as a combined project enabled us to see the larger picture of our product earlier and make design decisions more carefully.”

Jack Ng
Sansible Wearables

“We had great help from the IoT Centre team with selecting the technology and providing proof of concept code.   Being able to hot desk for one or two days a week is very useful to allow development work to be carried out away from day-to-day interruptions. We believe that there could be significant gains to be had with get-togethers with other like-minded companies – using CENSIS as a hub to promote knowledge transfer and to encourage innovation.”

John Ashley
FUELlink Systems

Companies working with the CENSIS IoT Centre

For full details on joining the IoT Centre and reaching your markets faster:



email using our online form

Telephone  +44 (141) 330 3876.



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