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A company can be a user of IoT technology, or a supplier.

A company can be a user of IoT technology, or a supplier. A good way to see where an organisation sits is to assess its place in the IoT Stack.

An IoT system is made up of different technology layers. The IoT stack shows:

  • Each layer of an IoT system
  • How they interconnect
  • Where companies can operate

Some companies developing IoT will focus on one layer whereas others will deliver services across the full IoT stack. When trialling a new IoT application, there are many companies and platforms that can ease the development or implementation of an IoT system.

In some IoT applications, the end user of the technology will only see the outcomes of the processed data. This is because many of the technology layers of the stack are integrated into the end application, and therefore are invisible to the user.

This section will explore the different levels and guide you through the development process of producing a new IoT application.

If you read through the diagram below, you’ll see the IoT Stack take shape. Most of the companies CENSIS works with are in Levels 2,3, and 4 in the middle of the stack. We also have close working relationships with companies in levels 1, 5 and 6 so can share new developments in software and hardware.

The IoT stack