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IoT for reducing energy consumption

Energy and water

There has been a strong push to reduce energy consumption in our homes, villages, towns and cities. Smart metering is being rolled-out across Scotland improving the visibility of the consumption of electricity, water and gas to drive behavioural change. In the future this may be used to reduce the peak demands of utilities through automated control of smart appliances.

Lighting is a large consumer of energy therefore methods and technologies have been sought to reduce energy consumption to light our buildings, outdoor spaces, footpaths and roads.

One approach has been to use interconnected sensors and computer vision systems to sense the presence of people, road users and then activate lighting only when required.  When no one is present, the lighting can be switched-off or dimmed reducing energy consumption, leading to cost savings.

Smart lighting is often designed as an IoT system to provide control of a network of lights and also allows integration of suitable functionality to sense the condition of the lighting element, for example when it has failed and needs to be replaced.

If you would like to know more about CENSIS activity in this sector, let’s talk.

Smart towns and cities

Energy and water consumption reduction is one of the Smart towns and cities subjects explored in our CENSIS FutureTech programme.

This is an area where Internet of Things (IoT) technologies could deliver huge benefits and enhance people’s lives.


Sector knowledge

Within the FutureTech programme, CENSIS met with people from different sectors to hear their ideas about the transformative potential of IoT.

IoT technology will transform business operations across Scotland and impact every sector of the economy.


5 subject areas

The Scottish Government-funded FutureTech workshops were held across Scotland throughout 2019 in the subject areas of

  • Food and drink
  • Health and social care
  • Smart towns and cities
  • Transport
  • Tourism

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