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IoT for enhanced outdoor environmental monitoring

Outdoors and environmental

Traditionally, environmental monitoring in our urban areas has been performed by large, expensive air quality monitoring systems.  These measure levels of pollutants including particulate matter, Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide.

While providing accurate data they are physically large and their costs limit the number that can be easily deployed.  The introduction of relatively small wirelessly-enabled air condition monitoring units has enabled greater insights to be obtained through continuous sampling over larger geographic areas and at higher spatial resolutions.

However, it is not air quality monitoring a lone that is enabled by IoT, other measured values can include wind speed and direction, noise levels and light levels. Common uses for environmental monitoring are:

  • Real-time air quality monitoring to detect high pollution levels that may be used to adjust traffic flow
  • Noise pollution monitoring to ensure compliance in mixed industrial and residential areas
  • Detection of water levels to forecast potential flooding events affecting road use and damage to property
  • Monitoring of fly-tipping activity in areas with known issues and therefore allow action to be taken to prevent future incidents

If you would like to know more about CENSIS activity in this sector, let’s talk.

Smart towns and cities

Outdoor and environmental monitoing is one of the Smart towns and cities subjects explored in our CENSIS FutureTech programme.

This is an area where Internet of Things (IoT) technologies could deliver huge benefits and enhance people’s lives.


Sector knowledge

Within the FutureTech programme, CENSIS met with people from different sectors to hear their ideas about the transformative potential of IoT.

IoT technology will transform business operations across Scotland and impact every sector of the economy.


5 subject areas

The Scottish Government-funded FutureTech workshops were held across Scotland throughout 2019 in the subject areas of

  • Food and drink
  • Health and social care
  • Smart towns and cities
  • Transport
  • Tourism

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