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Tech Summit Exhibitor profile: Smart Compliance

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1 September 2017

4th CENSIS Technology Summit, 2 November 2017

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Demo Zone Exhibitor: Smart Compliance

About Smart Compliance

Smart Compliance holds a UK Patent for the measurement of any gas or particulate, the transmission of information by SMS/GPRS and monitoring of such information. Current products are intelligent carbon monoxide/smoke detectors with the undernoted functions:

  1. Carry out a weekly self-check and report to a web portal/text message
  2. Report to a web portal/text message if unit is faulty or tampered with
  3. Report to multiple mobile devices/web portal if smoke is present. All reports are per individual postal address.
  4. Interconnecting function using RF radio communication so that if one detector sounds then all detectors within range will sound, alerting all occupants within the home

The system and patent makes it scalable to any gas or particulate sensor.

At the Summit

Smart Compliance will show its carbon monoxide sensors and smoke detectors which self-test weekly and record, per individual postal address, on a web portal for compliance records. Multiple mobile devices can be contacted by text in the event of an incident. Texts are also sent if the device is tampered with or develops a fault. The system uses Radio Frequency (RF) interconnectivity within the home and mobile phone technology outside the home. A methane (domestic gas) sensor version will also be demonstrated. The technology is aimed at the highly regulated Social Housing and Private Landlord market.

Further Information