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Virtual coffee: The security of IoT networks and safety of connected systems

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25th February 2021

NOTE: This event has now passed.

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  • Part of Cyber Scotland Week
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Please join CENSIS for a special virtual coffee networking session, delivered as part of Cyber Scotland Week.

Our virtual coffee sessions invite you to put the kettle on and join us online for a hosted discussion on an IoT-themed subject. These discussions are not recorded, and are designed to be informal, letting you meet and connect with other companies, researchers and stakeholders working in the same space.

Led by CENSIS cyber security lead, Dr Cade Wells, this discussion will look at the security of IoT networks and the impact on safety of connected systems, and explore some of the challenges that have emerged from the convergence of the cyber and physical worlds.

As we become more reliant on IoT in our daily lives (both at home and work), the risks of connecting devices to each other and to the internet have increased. The security of IoT devices has been a hotly debated issue – we have all read about incidents where a seemingly innocuous device has been used maliciously with examples that range from the frightening (hackers infiltrating baby monitors or connected toys to talk to children) to the audacious (criminals who attacked a IoT enabled fish tank to steal data from a casino).

Hacking IoT devices can be an effective way of delivering a cyber attack as often the device itself is not the end target – it is merely used to gain entry to a larger network. Malicious attacks that begin by infiltrating a single susceptible device can end up attacking thousands or millions more. The subsequent disruption can range from stealing personal information, crippling networks or even damaging physical assets and possibly endangering life.

This discussion will be driven by audience interest, but could look at:

  • Challenges that impede end-to-end security
  • Opportunities to develop new or improved cyber security products and services for IoT systems
  • How to get a product or device to market in a timely fashion AND address the steps that are necessary to build in security to make products ‘secure by design’.
  • Building in physical and cyber security features to simple ‘fit and forget’ devices that may not be designed to receive regular security updates, e.g., sensors that measure things like humidity, light, noise, etc.
  • How to protect legacy assets as well as retrofitted connected devices
  • Following different existing and emerging industry standards around IoT cyber security
  • Interoperability between hardware and software platforms
  • Educating consumers and business end users about IoT devices, including certification programmes for products or services that meet agreed security standards
  • The way in which different industries might be affected – from manufacturing and healthcare, to the automotive industry and energy


To join CENSIS on the day, please register for the event via Eventbrite.