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Technology for COVID-19 challenges

This page provides links to products and services that may help employers address challenges connected to COVID-19 workplace safety.

View our full guide on technologies to support workplace safety and please ensure you are familiar with the Scottish Government Routemap and the current situation for Scotland.

If your company designs or supplies products or services that may be relevant to this sector and you would like to be included in this page, please get in touch with CENSIS.

Please note that links are provided for information purposes only. Scottish Enterprise and CENSIS do not endorse or recommend any provider or technology.

Occupancy monitoring

Check the numbers of people in a room/space at any time

Health screening

Staff planning and scheduling

Planning and sharing who is on shift

Voice picking in a warehouse

Reduce overcrowding and handling of paper


Online sales and marketplaces: sell parts, products or services

Aerial survey

Non-contact inspection of sites and buildings

Risk management

Tech solutions to identify what prevention measures are needed

What to do next?

You may have a few questions once you’ve read through this section, or have some ideas you would like to talk through.  Why don’t we have an initial chat about how your organisation can use technology to reduce the risks of COVID-19 in the workplace.

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