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IoT Evolve application form

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IoT Evolve application form

Please complete the form and click submit when you’re finished. Unfortunately you can’t save the form and return to it later, so you may want to make notes separately and copy/paste them when you are ready to submit. Your form will be sent to one of our Business Development Managers who be in touch to talk through your idea or challenge.

If you do not want to complete the form online you can download it as Word document and email the completed form to

CENSIS privacy policy.

Company details

Type of company(Required)
Company size(Required)
Trading time to date(Required)

Application questions

Q1. Which of these best describes you(Required)
Q2. Please tell us which category/categories your idea or challenge falls into (you may choose more than one)(Required)
Q5. What kind of support do you think you might need from CENSIS (you can select more than one)(Required)
Q6. What outcomes do you expect to see in the next three years if you CENSIS supported the implementation of an IoT system (you may select more than one)(Required)

Form submission

Please check this box and then click 'submit'(Required)

IoT Evolve process flow: the steps involved in assessing and delivering IoT Evolve (information only)

Step 1: Application form submitted Step 2: Application reviewed by CENSIS (may take up to 5 days) Step 3: Application form refined if necessary with the help of CENSIS Step 4: Draw-up work package/s for support (up to 10 days) Step 5: Contracts exchanged (up to 5 days) Step 6: Delivery process - Implementation and/or delivery of hardware and software Step 7: Review of output Step 8: Create a case study Step 9: Follow up after six months