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Most IoT devices will push data up to a data repository

The edge IoT nodes of a network are limited in storage size and processing constraints. In an IoT application, you may have thousands of nodes collecting data. The solution is to move this data on to a database storage either locally (privately) hosted or on a cloud storage platform where it can be processed from a centralised location.

Traditionally, most IoT devices will push all data up to the data repository, but with the emergence of edge computing, only the processed data or data of interest may be sent.

The cloud

‘The cloud’ is a term used to describe a global network of powerful servers which are designed to store and manage data, run applications and deliver content or a service.

The largest providers of these cloud services are Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google.

The cloud has replaced the need for companies to run expensive physical servers on-site and offers server-like services, with users paying when the services are used.

Large amounts of data can be stored inexpensively in the cloud.