Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems

Sensing Opportunities

CENSIS is a centre of excellence for Sensor and Imaging Systems (SIS) technologies and enables leading industry innovators and world-class university researchers to collaborate at the forefront of market-focused SIS innovation, developing products and services for global markets.



26th October 2016 : IoT Glasgow Meetup #3

An informal networking event for anyone interested in IoT/remote sensing - gathering data, transmitting it into the cloud and doing stuff with it.

1st November 2016 : Who’s LoRa and why should I care about her?

IoT and the LoRa IoT communications network: what they are, what they can do and why your business needs them.

8th November 2016 : IoT: Opening up new business opportunities

A joint event with ScotlandIS: find out how sensors and imaging systems are making IoT a practical reality. Includes a visit to the CENSIS IoT Centre and lab.

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