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Scotland’s Contribution to COP26: watch the presentations

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3 November 2021

On 26 October 2021, Scotland’s contribution to COP26: a joined-up Just Transition examined not only the speed and scale at which Scotland must move to tackle climate change, but also explored how we ensure that no-one is left behind in the process.

Delivered by CENSIS in partnership with 28 organisations from across the innovation, policy and research landscape in Scotland, the event explored important transition themes such as skills, the circular economy, empowering young people, improving health outcomes and delivering sustainable economic growth to the Scottish economy.

Whether you were unable to attend, or missed a talk during one of the six themed parallel sessions, you can now watch (or rewatch) every presentation and panel discussion from the day. View the agenda for details of the day, including profiles of all the speakers and sessions.

Morning session, 10:00-12:00 


  • 00:00 – Welcome from Martin Valenti, Conference Chair
  • 15:30 – Opening remarks from Richard Lochhead MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Just Transition, Employment and Fair Work
  • 24:49 – Q&A between Richard Lochhead and Martin Valenti
  • 29:30 – Introduction to the panel session from Martin Valenti
  • 30:08 – Welcome from Prof James Curran, panel session chair followed by introductions from each of the five panel guests
  • 38:15 – The panel discusses and gives examples of what they mean by a ‘just’ or ‘unjust’ transition
  • 47:20 – A discussion between James Curran and panellist Prof Jim Skea on the Just Transition Commission report chaired by Prof Skea
  • 52:00 – A wider discussion between James Curran and all of the panellists around the four main themes elements of the Just Transition Commission: 1) the pursuit an orderly, managed transition to net-zero that creates benefits and opportunities for people across Scotland; 2) equipping people with the skills and education they need to benefit from the transition; 2) empowering and invigorating communities and strengthen local economies; and 4) sharing the benefits of climate action widely; ensure costs are distributed on the basis of ability to pay.
  • 1:37:30 – Panel session ends
  • 1:37:38 – Martin Valenti introduces Mike Cantlay, Chair, Scottish Funding Council
  • 1:38:40 – Discussion between Martin Valenti and Mike Cantlay
  • 1:55:08 – Closing remarks from Martin Valenti

Themed afternoon session 13:00-15:00

Link to afternoon/closing session 15:00-16:15 


  • 00:00 – Welcome from Martin Valent
  • 00:29 – Discussion panel chaired by Martin Valenti with representatives from all of the six afternoon parallel sessions – skills, circularity, transport, public services, built environment and the workforce of the future
  • 31:12 – Discussion panel chaired Alicia Greated, CEO at KTN, and CEO representatives of the event partners
  • 1:08:10 – The call to action from the day: discussion between Alicia Greated and CENSIS CEO Paul Winstanley
  • 1:10:48 – Final closing remarks from Martin Valenti