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Funding call

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Supporting EngD and PhD research

The call is not open. The last call closed on 20 Sept 2019

All projects must led by a Scottish university partner. It must be supported by an industry partner and clearly demonstrate the potential for industrial relevance by the innovative use, advancement or application of sensing, imaging and/or IoT.

Industrial engagement, evidenced by a letter of support, is necessary for a project submission.

We are particularly interested in industrial engagement from organisations with a base in Scotland or where the outcomes of the research project will impact favourably on the Scottish economy.

Downloads for reference

The project must align with one or more of our major themes:

Internet of Things

  • IoT systems: networking of physical objects to enable communication and data exchange with each other, typically without the need for human intervention, with a focus on system-level aspects of IoT.
  • IoT cyber security: security and resilience challenges in the design, manufacture and application of IoT devices and techniques.


  • Sensing and measuring/advanced devices and fabrication, including fabrication and characterisation facilities and expertise.
  • Signal processing, communications and networking – particularly low power/high security.
  • Advanced data analysis and visualisation, with a focus on data analysis rather than data collection.
  • Remote and distributed systems/sensing, addressing challenges in deploying sensors across wide/remote geographic areas.


  • Imaging and optical measurement techniques, predominantly at wavelengths from the visible, through the infrared to microwave frequencies, for example:
  • Quantum sensing and imaging technologies
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Remote sensing
  • Surveillance and security
  • Medical and ophthalmic imaging