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Virtual coffee: Session 3

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18 May 2020

Over 200 people have joined us since the launch of our virtual coffee chats back in March: hour-long conversations held weekly with like-minded individuals discussing IoT-related topics, and we’re pleased to announce a third round discussion dates and topics.

Each week, different members of CENSIS’s engineering and business development teams invite you to join them for an informal discussion from both business and practical engineering perspectives. On each call, we’re joined by others interested in that topic – everyone from developers and investors to integrators and end users – to talk about some of the latest technology developments and business opportunities in the space.

Each call has around a dozen guests (sometimes less, occasionally more) and are designed to be informal. We don’t record them to distribute later and there’s no sales pitch; just an opportunity to share ideas, explore the state-of-the-art, ask questions, maybe learn something new and network with others. Everyone who joins is encouraged to participate in the conversation, either to discuss an idea, ask questions or pose challenges.

If you are interested the subject, you are welcome to join us. You don’t need to have a project in the area, or even be planning one.

Our online coffee breaks are normally held on Thursday mornings from 10:00-11:00 and take place using Zoom. If you’d like to join, please drop us an email telling us which session you’re interested in, and we’ll send you details of how to join. You can participate using audio or video.

This session’s discussions will cover:

Our first round of discussions covered: smart homes, machine vision and machine learning, IoT cyber security ,and innovation in tourism. In our second round we explored manufacturing process innovation, NB-IoT, health and wellness, agriculture and forestry, and tourism and hospitality in the Highlands and Islands.

Do you have a suggestion about what you’d like to see us cover in future virtual coffee chat? Send us an email with your idea.